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About Windrush Hill Farm Clinics
Windrush Hill Farm is offering some half-day and full-day clinics by request of students and clients. Each session is $60 half day and $100 full day. There will be a combination of lecture, demonstration and practice.

Auditors are encouraged to attend for FREE unless otherwise noted in the schedule. Come watch, listen, ask questions and learn. To reserve a spot for the clinic you will need to send a check for the session fee in full made out to Windrush Hill Farm. Checks will be held until the clinic. In case of an emergency, the check will be returned.  Feel free to call and ask Ann any questions or suggestions about a particular session. If you are a student without a horse call ahead to arrange for a school horse.  Riding helmets and boots are required at all times when mounted for EVERYONE. Call 319-986-2199 or email

Get Ready to Ride:
Full day, In the AM review halter work, ground work, round pen work, fence work, flagging and other skills to ensure your horse is "Ready to Ride".  Learn to read your horse, be realistic about your own skills, and decide if you are safe to be mounted.  In the PM we will ride. Bring a rope halter with 12ft. lead, flag of some sort and all of your tack including your helmet.

Socializing and Handling the Young Horse:
Full day, this is for handlers wanting to learn more about handling from birth to weaning, and from weaning to starting under saddle. How to build trust, confidence and respect. How to teach the young horse how to think and not react. How to safely catch, halter, lead and tie. What you can expect from trailering to farm walks. Older horses are also welcome.

Introduction to Ropes and Roping:
Half day, we will work on getting the horse rope safe. Your horse will learn to tolerate ropes around his head, neck, feet, belly, flanks, and haunches. You will learn how to introduce ropes, drag tires and logs, swing a rope from the ground, from a fence, and from horseback.  You will learn how to introduce these concepts to your horse safely and learn some basic rope handling skills on a roping dummy. Bring a soft rope at least 45ft. long.

Introduction to Cattle:
Half day, we will work on getting your horse safe around cattle. You will learn about handling livestock, trailing cattle, holding herd, walking quietly through the herd and sorting. Bring a break-away hondo on a soft rope, minimum of 45 ft. and if your horse is rope safe and cattle safe, we will throw some loops.

Understanding Aids:
Learn about the effective use of your eyes, voice, seat, legs, reins, and position to communicate with your horse.  Learn how little it takes for your horse to respond.  Learn how to recognize and reward your horse for trying.  Learn to teach your horse to respond to your aids, firstr from the ground, then from the saddle.  Learn how to execute a correct halt, back, circle, turn on the forehand and leg yield.

Trail Obstacles in the Arena:

Half day, we will work in the arena on obstacles. You will learn strategies to introduce your horse to obstacles safely and work to gain control of your horses mind and feet to work with accuracy.

Trail Riding Outdoors:
Half day, we will ride in the back 40 at Windrush Hill. You will learn how to introduce your horse to the great outdoors safely and learn how to ride independently, no nose to tail riding. You will learn drills to teach your horse to stand quietly, to ride in the front, the back, and in the middle, to pass other horses and to be passed. You will learn how to be a good riding buddy.

Collection and Self Carriage:
Half day, you will learn: what "Collection" and "Self Carriage" mean; The principles of classical horsemanship; How to school your horse to develop strength and balance. How to improve you horse's gaits. How to recognize good and poor musclature. What to expect at different stages of training.

Vaquero Style Horsemanship:
Half day, for folks interested in the vaquero style of riding, and ready to introduce their horse to the hackamore or transition to the two rein, or straight up into the bridle. This requires that your horse is comfortable and obedient in the snaffle, and knows all lateral aids. You will need a 3/8 to 3/4 rawhide or latigo braided hackamore (with a soft core, not metal) and a mecate. The mecate may be paracute cord or horse hair, and should be the same diameter as the hackamore and is 22' to 24' long. You will also learn to tie your mecate.
Updated 04/02/09