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The owners are asked to come once a week, if possible, to observe and work with their horses so they have "operating instructions" when they return home.  Much of the initial work Ann does is groundwork to set a base for a happy and manageable horse.  Horses will be good to lead, tie, bathe, clip, trailer, and trim feet, along with their under saddle training.

Ann uses natural horsemanship methods taught by Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman.  Ann trains what she calls a "Western Dressage Horse".  She teaches leg cues and lateral work, including turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, leg yields, side passes and leads.  This training is appropriate for any horse in any discipline. She wants collection that drives from the quarters and rounds the back with a relaxed jaw and poll.  No brace, no rigid jaw, no hollow back, no defensive posture, no dragging feet.

Ann rides a California style bridle horse in the Spanish Vaquero tradition.  Ann's first instructor was a vaquero named "Wink" Chappel of the Sierra Nevada's in southern California.  You can read about Wink on the Sierra Dawn Arabians link on the Links page.

Ann also trains weanlings and yearlings and builds a foundation of groundwork so they are manageable.  She also works with horses who need restarting or a refresher course or those that never were taught cues or aids.

At all times Ann works to build a relationship of trust, confidence, and friendship with every horse and owner.

Updated 09/12/10