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Bennett's Natural Beef is locally raised on grass and hay, no grain input, pasture raised, no antibiotics, no hormones, no unknown protein sources. The farm is managed without application of pesticides, herbicides or comercial fertilizer. Water sources are creeks and wells, no chlorine. The calves are raised the way Mother Nature intended out on grass pastures, not in a feedlot. The high acid environment in the gut of grain fed beef is largely responsible for the virulent stains of e-coli that contaminates meat and kills folks. Grass fed beef have a greatly reduced risk of contamination due to lower acid content in the gut. The risk of Mad Cow Disease is nill because the steers are raised on forage, no unknown or supplemental protein sources.  A grass fed animal has a high omega 3 fatty acid ratio to omega 6 fatty acids, reverse of grain fed animals. The health benifits of eating natural grass fed beef are well documented, you can google it to learn more! Grass fed steers take longer to feed out than your typical feedlot steers. 24 months compared to 14.
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Updated 09/30/10
Availibility is limited! Get your oder in today!
January 17, 2012
WRH has 2 natural grass fed steers left to sell in Feb. 2012.  If you want to claim a quarter, half, or whole, just let me know. Quarters are half of a half, which means equal cuts from the front and hindquarter. WRH uses Bud's Custom Meat at Riverside, Iowa for processing. Contact Ann Bennett at 319-986-2199, email at
The Bennett Farm natural grass fed beef will be sold on the quarters and halves @ $3.00 per pound hanging weight. A whole beef will be sold @ $2.70 per pound hanging weight. Once the steer is delivered to the locker and the hanging weight is determined, I will send an invoice with your costs. The beef needs to be paid for before you pick it up from the locker processed.  The beef is normally hung for about 7-10 days to cure before processed. You call the locker and they will walk you through the cut order, and you pay the processing fees to the locker. Prices as of 1-17-12

To understand more about this pricing here is a scenario on a 1100 pound live weight steer going to the locker. The steer prepped for processing will have a hanging weight somewhere between 58% and 62% of live weight, so with our sample steer about 660 pounds.  660# x $2.25 = $1485 for a whole and quarter 165# x $2.50 = $412. That is how you will pay me based on hanging weight.
You pay the locker the fees based on how you wish the beef to be cut. There is a base $25 fee per animal, so if sold in quarters will be split 4 ways. 43 cents a pound processing fee based on the hanging weight. So 660# x .43 =$284+$25 = total of $309 for a whole.  You will call Bud's to place your order 319-648-3999.  They will walk you through your cut order and ask what size hamburger packages, roast weights, steak thickness, number per package etc.  Once the meat has been processed from hanging weight you will have around 440# on a whole, 110 on a quarter for a 1100# steer. Buds will store your meat for a nominal fee if you need freezer space.

So a whole beef is $1485 paid to Bennetts + $309 to the locker = $1794 divided by 440# = $4.07 pound average on all cuts from burger to steaks.
A quarter is $412 paid to Bennetts + $77 paid to the locker = $489 divided by 110# = $4.44 pound average on all cuts.  This is well below the national average of $5.00- $5.75 per pound on quarters and halves that you will find, and at least half the cost of individual cuts. A quarter is expected to serve a family of 4 about 50 meals. So $489 divided by 50 meals = $9.78 meat cost per meal for 4.

You will want to cook grass fed beef at a lower temperature and less time than grain fed beef to retain tenderness. Grass fed beef is leaner than grain fed, but Bennett's has plenty of fat for flavor and tenderness due to the quality of the forage. Grass fed beef has a beefier taste. If you are wondering what it tastes like, contact for a free sample.
Testimonials from Loyal Customers
"...I love being able to have a thick, juicy medium rare hamburger knowing that it is safe."
...we are the only people on a tight budget eating high quality steaks. It is so nice to just go to the freezer and have a supply of steaks, roasts, and ground beef to choose from. FYI - We love the beef. I had people telling me the steaks would be tough on a grass fed animal, but I haven't had any problems with them. And the ground beef definitely has a "beefier" flavor to it than stuff bought in the stores."