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News Page 9/20/04
This is a letter Ann sent out 9/20/04 about a few of her students and horses.

Lyn Conrad (one of my adult students) just called on her way home from the Stephens Forest Competitive Trail Ride (2 days Sat and Sun).  I loaned her
Az Kalika (my six year old purebred Arabian mare out of Aerial Dream by TSS Az Malik owned by Susan Skow) and she won first place novice heavy weight ( heavy weight is the division based on the weight of the rider and tack).  And first place breed award for Arabian horse.  Lyn placed 2nd in first time riders on horsemanship, and together they also won the sweepstakes award which is the highest combination award for horse and rider.  This was Lyn's first competitive trail ride!!  And this was Kalika's third time out in her lifetime!  Kalika's first time out in 2002 she won , I  placed 2nd in horsemanship, and we won the sweepstakes, in 2003 she placed 3rd with a perfect veterinary scorecard of 100 (first and second places had some +++)  This was her only time out in 2004 competing.  She is ridden barefoot for conditioning and for competition- she has black feet like iron, super metabolic scores, and excellent manners.  My cousins, Derek and Christina Duke of Las Vegas Nevada are leasing Az Kalika as of October 1st, and hoping to enjoy the trails out West.  I have several younger full sisters and brothers to Kalika as well- I can't wait to hit the trails with them!

Courtney Conrad (daughter of Lyn and Charlie Conrad) a student age 12, bought Tobasco's Casper from me.  Casper is a 9 year old purebred Arab gelding.   Courtney and Casper have been logging a lot of miles to get ready and really working on their horsemanship skills.  Courtney is also a first time competitor.  Casper won 2nd place horse ridden by junior riders, and Courtney won 4th place junior rider!  I am so proud of them - look out folks - they are just getting started! Casper is slso ridden barefoot, another one with good metabolic scores and super manners.

Congratulations to both Lyn and Courtney! And Kalika and Casper deserve some oats!

We compete in region six of NATRC (AERC is a similar long distance riding organization).

I wasn't even able to go to "help" or watch - had too many irons in the fire!  But it appears they can do it without me ......

Updated 12/28/04