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Comments From New Owners
From new Owner Tina Strueve: "We made it home with Spencer but boy it was a foggy drive.  I'm impressed with Spencer already.  He never stomped or whinnied at any stop while driving home. He spent the night in the trailer and still not a peep. Getting out he showed his calm and intellegence. He backed out on the slick ground carefully and slowly with little hesitation and no panic. What was interesting was when I introduced him to the "herd."  I had them seperated by a fence with a waterer between. Max got pretty excited and bounced around and bucked, kicked and squealed. He pushed Carmen around a bit and all for nothing. Spencer acknowleged him with a nose check then slowly ambled around the pasture. I sat out with him for about an hour. Spencer snuffled my hair and munched on hay then we walked around the pasture. Sometimes he walked right beside me and let me hang on to his neck over the ice. He slowed his pace to match mine. Before long Max calmed down and Spencer greeted him a couple more times but he's not overly interested in Carmen or Max and is quietly eating hay."
In memory of Tina: we will always remember your smiling face!
Spencer with Tina Strueve
Updated 04/02/09
From new Owner Tammy:  "We love him!!! When Kalli was trying saddles on him, one saddle made her off balance so she moved a little in her seat. Casper felt her and would slow down for her!! He takes very good care of her already. So sweet. I got to go on a trail ride with Debbie and Sara and Casper was perfect!!! We are having so much fun with him---I cannot thank you enough!!!!! We got to meet Nick (previous youth owner who went to visit) and watch him ride Casper-- they are a wonderful team. It was so neat to see all that Casper can do and yet he is so patient with Kalli, Connor and I. THANK YOU!!!
Casper following Kalli around with no halter.
Snickers with new owner Caroline
in Fairfield, Iowa
From new owner's Aunt, Kathy James "MERRY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU!! They love Snickers!! Her instructor is VERY impressed. Even John (Caroline's father) can't say enough good things about her!! Thank you Again!!
Casper with new owner Kalli in California